Hey, I’m Lauren -the owner of Elbe Textiles, based in Perth, Australia.
Welcome to my corner of the internet where I am providing downloadable sewing patterns for you to be able to print off at home and make your own clothing.
I’m passionate about clothing and textiles, particularly sustainable and slow fashion. I live by the ethos ‘quality over quantity’.
By encouraging more people to make their own clothing, I am hoping this can help shift the focus of an industry dominated by fast fashion, and lead consumers to a more thoughtful, curated and ethical wardrobe. After experiencing the time, effort and reward that goes into the creation of a garment, it’s hard to go back to a mass produced, chain store item.
I’ve been sewing since I was a kid. My first foray into the business world involved making and selling faux fur pencil cases with my best friend at primary school. Luckily my taste has been somewhat refined since then (bar a questionable period between 2005 – 2008 involving too much polyester). I went on to get my degree in Fashion and Textile Design and have worked in various roles within the fashion and textile industry since.
In time, I am aiming to build up a collection of sewing, natural dyeing and other DIY tutorials, as well as a comprehensive catalogue of sewing patterns.
For now, I’m starting out small and adding new patterns regularly. To keep in the loop with pattern releases, tutorials and other fashion and textile related goodness, join my mailing list and follow me on Instagram.
Thanks for visiting!
x Lauren