Pattern Updates and Errata

Occasionally at Elbe Textiles, patterns may undergo an update to maintain a level of consistency in branding and sizing. If you have purchased a paid copy of a pattern that has received an update, the original link to your pattern purchase will be automatically updated with the new version. If you no longer have access to this link, please email for your complimentary copy. You are more than welcome to go back and re-download copies of free patterns if they have undergone an update. No need to email me for these.

Please see below for pattern updates and errata. If you have purchased a pattern after these dates, you will have received the most up to date version.

Reznor Skirt : Updated 21st March 2022

1 new size added. Instructions updated to reflect this

Staley Top : Updated 18th June 2021

2 new sizes added

Notch in top centre of sleeve head moved back (in the direction of the double notches) by 0.8cm

Sanders Button Up: Updated November 9th 2020

Pockets made smaller

Centre back of yoke lowered by 0.5cm

Sleeve head heightened 0.7cm

Cornell Shirt : Updated on August 20th 2020 

Small error in the placket illustrations in the instructions.

Some lines on half of the neck on the back yoke pattern piece were tweaked to mirror the other side.

Page Dress : Updated on August 10th 2020

Instructions edited for the drawstring casing to be slightly curved. Original images showed the casing as straight.

Somerfield Coat : Updated on August 14th 2019

2 new views added with princess seams and pockets.