Sewing the Waistband of the Fremantle Pants and Trigg Shorts

Fremantle Pants Pattern Tutorial Trigg Shorts tutorial

I get a lot of feedback that my pattern instructions are clear and easy to follow, but I know that some techniques are better shown over video.

Which brings me to my first (poorly filmed) video tutorial. Watch me in all my awkward glory, showing you how to sew the waistband for the Fremantle Pants and Trigg shorts.

This video is intended as a supplement to the written and illustrated instructions that come with the sewing patterns. It's not a standalone tutorial. So if you're keen, you can buy the patterns here! 

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  • Brenda Abbott on

    Very good video. Very useful!

  • Rebecca Howard on

    Nope. Not at all awkward. Just really really helpful. Thanks:)

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