Full Stomach Adjustment - Sanders Button Up

Sanders Button Up

Hey mates. Today we're looking at a common alteration that may be needed for shirts - the full stomach adjustment.

I'm using the Sanders Button Up as my example for the diagrams, but this info can be used for other button up shirt patterns.

Before you start, I can't stress how important it is to sew a toile of the garment first to accurately pinpoint which areas need to be altered. I often see people dive straight into altering a pattern before even sewing it up to check the fit. 

Full Stomach Adjustment: 

This alteration is to be done on the front piece only. The back can stay as is.

Cut into the Front as shown. Pivot the cut piece to accommodate the extra width needed. Smooth out and redraw the hemline. Ensure the side seam of the front is the same length as the side seam of the back and add the extra length.

Full Stomach Adjustment


 And that's it. Too easy. 


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