Sanders Button Up - Pattern Hacks : Removing the Seam Lines to Create a Plain Front and a Plain Back

Pattern Hack Pattern Tutorial Sanders Button Up

Good news mates - if you're looking for a plainer alternative to the front yoke/pocket scenario of the Sanders Button Up - it's super easy to remove this seam line and create one pattern piece. 

I will also show you how quick and easy it is to remove the seam lines/panels on the lower half of the back to have one flat pattern piece without the shaping (if you'd prefer a boxier fit). 

First things first, if you haven't already purchased the pattern, you can buy it here.

For a plain front:

Take the Front Yoke and Front pattern pieces. Draw in the 1cm seam allowance along the bottom edge of the Front Yoke piece and the top edge of the Front piece.

You *could* trim this seam allowance off and tape the pieces together. But if you're planning to use the pattern again in the future with the pockets, then I'd recommend the following method.

Fold the seam allowance of the Front Yoke piece up.  

Line this folded edge up against the line drawn in on the Front piece. Tape together.

That's it. Too easy, ammiright?! If you're keen for a patch pocket, you can easily alter the Pocket pattern piece available with the pattern. Just add a couple of centimetres to the top of the pattern piece to give a wider turn back for the hem.

For a plain back:

Take the Centre Back Panel and Side Back Panel pieces. Mark in the 1cm seam allowance along the inside edge of the Side Back Panel and the corresponding edge of the Centre Back Panel.

Trim the seam allowance off the Side Back Panel.

Line up the top and bottom of this trimmed edge with the top and bottom of the marked seam allowance of the Centre Back Panel. 

 And that's it! To make things less confusing when you're cutting out your fabric, you can either fold or cut the Centre Back Panel in half at the centre back seam and cut this new piece on the fold. Or you might like to trace off a new pattern piece entirely and re-label it. 

If you'd like to keep the shaping in that was provided by the panelled seam lines, you can draw some darts in as shown. 

Or keep it boxy! It's up to you.

Keen to see your hacks if you do any. I love my patterns to get good use. Tag me on Instagram @elbe_textiles and use the hashtags #elbetextiles and #sandersbuttonup so I can appreciate your handiwork.







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  • Shelley on

    Hi Lauren, if I wanted to make a Chinese collar, would I add a cm or so to the top of the stand and just leave the collar off? So looking forward to making this shirt. Thanks

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