How I Name my Sewing Patterns

Hey mates. I had someone ask me the other day about creating a playlist with the artists that are the inspiration behind my pattern names. And that was all the encouragement I needed to write this blog post. I'll take any excuse to talk about my favourite music. 

For context, I name my sewing patterns after musicians that I love/listened to during the pattern making process (the older patterns are named after suburbs I've lived in/spent a lot of time in).

So if you're into rock, grunge, metal, prog - anything dirty, sometimes heavy, sometimes soft, melodic, industrial and a bit bleak at times- you're in the right spot. 

Here's my Spotify playlist!

Tunes To Sew To

I've picked 4 or 5 songs for each artist and man it was tough to narrow it down.

And here's a list of the pattern names and their namesake if you heard some tunes you liked and wanted to go down a musical discovery spiral of your own. 

Akerfeldt Coat - Mikael Åkerfeldt, vocalist/guitarist and primary songwriter for Opeth.

Buckley Tote - Jeff Buckley, singer/songwriter

Cornell Shirt - Chris Cornell, singer/songwriter for Soundgarden, Audioslave 

Davis Belt and Davis Crossbody Vest - Jonathan Davis, singer/songwriter for Korn

Duplantier Dress - Joe Duplantier, vocalist/guitarist for Gojira 

Homme Wrap - Josh Homme, vocalist/guitarist for Queens of the Stone Age

Howerdel Skirt - Billy Howerdel - Ashes Divide and A Perfect Circle

Johns Pants - Daniel Johns, vocalist for Silverchair

Page Dress - Jimmy Page, guitarist for Led Zeppelin

Reznor Skirt - Trent Reznor, vocalist/instrumentals/songwriter for Nine Inch Nails

Sanders Button Up - Troy Sanders, bassist/vocals for Mastodon

Smith Hoodie - Robert Smith, lead singer/guitarist/primary songwriter for The Cure

Solberg Jacket - Einar Solberg, singer for Leprous

Staley Top - Layne Staley, vocalist for Alice in Chains

Steele Pinafore - Peter Steele, vocalist/bassist/composer for Type O Negative

Weiland Tank - Scott Weiland, vocalist for Stone Temple Pilots


Enjoy some bangers while you sew. Would love to know if you have a listen while you make any of my patterns! Would make my bloody day.

x Lauren




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  • Kelly on

    I literally just realized this today when I was going down a sewing Instagram wormhole and saw your post for the Weiland tank with the Reznor skirt and was like wait wait wait Scott weiland! Trent reznor! And then everything fell into place! I came to the blog for some unrelated Davis pocket tips and saw this and was like yessssss nailed it lol

  • Shona on

    This is so effing cool. I’ve always loved Elbe patterns but knowing you have kickarse tastes in bands makes it even better.

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